Team India got the ability to break Akhtar’s record of 161.3 kmph in Cricket Sports.

Team India got the ability to break Akhtar’s record of 161.3 kmph,  the ability to put up to 165  kmph in Cricket Sports.

Cricket Sports

Team India has a lot of fast bowlers whose speed is more than  150 kmph. In this case, our Neighbour country Pakistan has been very lucky from the beginning because Pakistan has always had an army of fast bowlers. But India does not have any bowler who bowls faster than  150 kmph  except one Umran Malik, but in today’s article, we are going to tell you about a bowler who is known for his speed. Looking at that bowler, it seems that he can also break the record of former Pakistan veteran fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar for bowling the fastest ball.


Wasim Bashir can break Shoaib Akhtar’s record in Cricket Sports.

Cricket Sports

Wasim Bashir is a  22-year-old fast bowler who is known as Pahalgam Express. Recently, a video of them bowling has gone viral. Looking at this video, it can be said that he can also break Shoaib Akhtar’s record of 161.3 kmph.  Interestingly, Wasim Bashir also comes from Kashmir. Indian team’s fast bowler Umran Malik also comes from Kashmir. This will be the second fast bowler after Umran Malik who has come from Kashmir.


Last year , KKR called for a trial.

Cricket Sports

At present, Wasim Bashir plays domestic cricket from Jammu and Kashmir. Wasim Bashir was also called for a trial by KKR last year, but he  was not included in KKR’s team. Wasim Bashir had also said in an interview after the video went viral, “It is every cricketer’s dream to play IPL and international cricket and that is my goal too.  However, it remains to be seen when he gets a chance to play IPL with which team.


Team India can also get a chance to play.

There has always been a lack of fast bowling bowlers like Wasim Bashir in Team India. At present, apart from Umran Malik, no other bowler in Team India has such speed. Due to which, if his performance is excellent in domestic cricket and IPL in the coming years, then he can also get a chance to play for Team India soon.

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