With the highly anticipated India vs Pakistan match approaching, hotel rooms in Ahmedabad are hitting record-breaking rates, leading fans to book hospital beds as an alternative.

With the much-awaited India vs Pakistan cricket match scheduled for October 15 in Ahmadabad, hotel room rates have shot up to extraordinary levels, making it incredibly tough for cricket fans to find a place to stay. The excitement around this high-profile clash at the Narendra Modi Stadium has caused hotel prices to skyrocket after the announcement of the ICC Cricket World Cup schedule. As a result, many fans are now facing the challenge of securing affordable accommodations.

Hotel rooms in Ahmadabad have already been fully booked, and prices have surged beyond Rs 1.5 lakh, leaving cricket enthusiasts struggling to find a spot to stay during this grand cricketing event

As the anticipation for the India-Pakistan cricket encounter reaches a fever pitch, fans eagerly counting down to October 15 are facing an unexpected hurdle – the soaring hotel rates in Ahmadabad. The city is all set to host this thrilling match at the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium, but the announcement of the ICC Cricket World Cup schedule has triggered a surge in hotel prices, putting many fans in a tough spot as they search for affordable places to stay.

Hotel rooms in Ahmadabad have been fully booked well in advance, with prices exceeding an astonishing Rs 1.5 lakh, making it an uphill battle for cricket enthusiasts to secure suitable accommodations during this grand cricketing extravaganza. The unprecedented demand has left fans scrambling to find any available rooms, but even those options are becoming scarce as the match day approaches.

Local hospital administrators have also taken note of this extraordinary situation. They’ve observed an unusual surge in bed bookings from cricket fans who are traveling to the city to witness the much-anticipated clash between the arch-rivals.

As the city gears up to host this historic cricket match, authorities are working to address the accommodation challenge and ensure that fans can enjoy the game without undue stress. However, it remains a fact that the surge in hotel rates has caught many off guard, making this cricketing spectacle a bittersweet experience for some enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, the fervor and excitement surrounding the India-Pakistan clash continue unabated, and fans are determined to witness this epic encounter, no matter the obstacles. As the clock ticks closer to October 15, fans are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping to secure a place to stay and be part of the electric atmosphere that only cricket can create.

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